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The great and powerful Governor of Michigan shut us down for two months this spring as non-essential when the plague hit.  We know what you’re thinking, "non-essential?”  We believed differently but got shut down nonetheless.

We find ourselves behind in production regardless of how much overtime we put in, we can never make that lost production time up.  We’re now doing production in the worst possible way; instead of doing an entire years’ worth of production of each stand we’re jumping back and forth trying to minimize the amount of time we’re out of stock on any particular stand.

This year we’re simply asking for your patience as we face these challenges head-on, this is uncharted territory for all of us.  We’re experiencing another record-breaking year and are doing our best to satisfy the increasing demand.  Rest assured that no one wants you to get your Family Tradition Treestands more than us and we’ll do our best to get them out as quickly as is possible.

We have the greatest, most loyal customers in the hunting community and have always valued your business.  It’s you, existing and new customers alike, that have allowed us to keep our doors open and maintain a healthy business operation while we watch in horror as other businesses are forced to close their doors forever.  We are eternally grateful and cannot possibly give enough thanks for your loyalty!!

Humbly yours,

Jack Turner

Managing Partner





The flag does not fly because of the wind that blows it.

The flag flies because of each soldier's last breath that blows by it.

Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they
protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they
perform for us in our time of need. Amen



Family Tradition customer & Naval Aircrewman First Class Kevin Ross in the back of an MH-60S Knighthawk helicopter during deployment aboard the USS George H. W. Bush.



PFC William Seals II was stationed in Afghanistan

with the Army.  William was formerly ranked in the top 10 of ASA

and here he proves that you can't separate the bow from the hunter!



not your mamma's garden set!



We're known for making extremely strong, comfortable and long lasting products.  We couldn't find these qualities as it relates to outdoor furniture for camps or fire pits so we simply made our own!


Check them out on our Accessories Page.




improved ratchet straps!

At 2,000# breaking strength our previous version was already the best in the industry.  A new American supplier is now making 3,300# breaking strength ratchets for us!  Yeah, they aren't cheap but we think your worth it.  These are standard on all products and many replace their inferior ratchets when they find out how nice ours are.

  • 3,300# Breaking Strength

  • Camo Nylon for better concealment

  • Rubber Handles for a more ergonomic feel

  • Fully Assembled, no fumbling to put them together

  • Sewn Tag End to prevent pull through on the spindle


We are honored to have received another highly coveted award from an industry magazine regarding the best products in the hunting industry.  Although our larger competitors have hundreds of dealers selling their stands we still manage to win prestigious awards and beat out the big boys in our industry!!!  You need to try one today and find out why our industry feels that we make "The best stand for your Buck!"

Do professional hunters use our tripods for filming hunting shows?  Of course.




We recently found out that Hollywood uses them too!  During the course of filming the movie Grey Skies in northern Michigan the Producers found they needed to be elevated on a large and steady platform.  Thankfully we had a dealer a few miles away and they purchased one of our Double Tripods!  Producer and Actress Stacy Jorgensen was kind enough to get us a photo. 

Thanks Stacy!







The film will officially be released on DVD October 11, 2011 on amazon.com and osirisent.com


Left, Bruce Ellis-Executive Producer

Right, Greg Gross-Locations Management, Housing, & Catering



It's been a whirlwind since our purchase of Family Tradition Treestands in 2005.  Our intention all along was take the "The best stand for your Buck!" national and it looks like we're now well on our way! 

Shortly after purchasing their first stands for his ranch in Georgia we got a call stating that Mr. Foxworthy just loved our stands.  Since then he got involved with friend and industry mogul Mr. David Morris in rolling out a new show, The Bucks of Tecomate.  We were thrilled to get a call from Mr. Morris stating that they wanted to use our stands on the highest rated show on Versus!  While our competitors were beating down their doors for this opportunity Mr. Foxworthy insisted that they should pursue a partnership with Family Tradition Treestands!


   Owners Jennifer & Jack Turner with Jeff Foxworthy


So...we've been shipping stands for them to hunt and film out of ever since.  We couldn't be more proud that they personally chose our company for the most highly rated outdoor show on Versus!

1. "If you can't feel your feet, it's time to change your seat."

2. "If your rear end wants to quit hunting way before you do, you might want to switch to Family Tradition." 

3. "When he shows, you'll be waiting....comfortably" 

4. "My most comfortable chair is 15 feet off of the ground" 

5. "If your deer stand ain't worth a sit, try ours."  


Jeff Foxworthy on why he’s replacing his stands with Family Tradition Treestands



Just wanted to let you know that during this weekends youth deer hunt in Michigan your double ladder stand made the day! My 13 yr. old son Connor and I had a couple of big bucks coming into one of our food plots that only had your single stands set up. We figured we would split up and I could watch him from across the field. Then I remembered I had one of your double stands still in the box in the barn.  

We wanted to be out hunting by 5:00 pm. and it was already 1:00 pm. We figured we had just enough time to put it together and get it in the tree but we had to hurry! We opened the box and had the entire stand together in about 15 minutes! We quickly loaded the stand with an extension into the pickup, strapped it down and took off to a tree my son had picked out. We had it up in minutes with plenty of time to spare.  

At around 7:20 pm. the same night, a big (144 2/8ths) 12pt. buck came out of the woods and the rest is a memory I will never forget, my son shot his first buck at 87 yards and I was there right next to him, not 100 yards away watching thru binoculars. We both want to thank you for such a great and safe tree stand that allowed us to share that moment together. 

Phil Brondes

Phil called a few days after sending this email to chat about the great hunt he and his son experienced.  You see, Phil was our very first customer after we purchased the company back in 2005 and holds a special place in the Family.  We hit it off like we were old friends and we're ecstatic that we could play a role in keeping the Family Tradition alive and well in the Brondes household!




Here are the pictures from the 2008 archery & rifle seasons that we talked
about on the phone and at Weaver's Archery Expo.  My father & I saw this 8 pointer on Tuesday of the final week of archery, but he never came close enough for a shot.  Wednesday morning, my father and son were unable to head out to the woods with me, so I shot the buck when I saw him at 33 yards. 

It has been a blessing for my son, Blake, and I to take turns spending time in the woods sitting in the DD14 Treestand with ladder extension alongside my 85 year old father.  Here are pictures of my son with his grandfather in the DD14 treestand when Blake shot this really nice doe. 

Thanks to Family Traditions, we were able to spend time as a family in the woods.  My father feels very comfortable and safe while sitting in this stand.

Thanks to your treestands, we are looking forward to the 2009 season, together.    


Brad Franks
Robesonia, PA



Three generations celebrating the Family Tradition, how cool is that?












“I work with big deer properties across the US and I recommend Family Tradition Tree Stands to all of my clients.  On a 2009 hunt in Nebraska I put up a Family Tradition tripod stand a month before the hunt and in haste did not do a good job at securing it.  While I was gone a terrible wind storm turned the stand over.  When I found it before daylight on opening morning I knew I had only one choice so my cameraman and I turned it back upright and I climbed aboard.  Later that day I took a nice 140 class whitetail (left) on a full run from the stand and we captured it on video.  These are really great stands that are built like tanks!”  

Rans Thomas

Director, TROPHIX Consulting & Management




"Jack, we love our stands! We have them on two farms, all the models. 

Thanks and good luck with the upcoming season!"


Davis Love III

PGA member since 1985


"The Family Tradition Lock-Ons, Ladderstands and Tripods are the most comfortable and durable stands I have ever used. I was sitting in your Lock-On when I harvested this buck of a lifetime."

Darren Holmes
13 year MLB Veteran



Kevin Knighton, Co-Host of The Backwoods Life, sent over these pictures stating that he "had to break out the comfy seats to hand out Halloween candy, Backwoods style!".  As Jeff would say, you might be a redneck if...

You've got to love these guys!

“I am a 6ft tall, 240lb hunter that looks for 2 things in a treestand. Safety and comfort! I have been hunting out of Family Tradition Treestands for a while now and they are without a doubt the best I have ever seen. It is the only stand I recommend and we proudly put the Backwoods Life TV name behind them. Nothing matches the safety, comfort, and quality. Get your own Family Tradition treestand and start living the ‘backwoods life’!”

Trey Wetherington

Co-Host, Backwoods Life TV


“Family Tradition stands are simply the best made for people of any size, especially us big guys.  I’m 6’3” and over 250 pounds and feel more comfortable in the Family Tradition stands than any I have ever hunted in.  Thank you all for making top quality products with hunters of all sizes in mind.  Simply the best!” 


Michael Lee

Co-Host, Backwoods Life TV

Industry legend Claude Pollington, "The Whitetail Wizard", has a new autobiography.  The owner of C.P. Oneida Eagle Bows and the Buck Pole Deer Ranch is one of the most respected bowmen around having been a shooter since 1952 when he got his first longbow.

Mr. Pollington has personally been using our stands for a few years now on his ranch.  Much like Mr. Pollington and Oneida Eagle, we purchased Family Tradition Treestands because we loved the products so much.  We're darn proud that he chose to have the official photo for his new book taken in one of our ladder stands!

We were on hand, taking our own pictures, while the author shot the official pictures to go along with the new book.




Kristin Morris

“When my pal Jeff Foxworthy first raved to me about Family Tradition Treestands being the best he’d ever seen, I had my doubts … but no more! After using them all over the country on The Bucks of Tecomate TV show hunts, I’m a believer. I have tried about every type and make of deer stand known to man, but I have never seen anything that could match Family Tradition Treestands for comfort, quality, durability and design! These things are awesome! No more sitting in the stand thinking of ways to improve them; Jack Turner and his crew have already built them the way a serious all-day trophy hunter would want them made! Whether you’re looking for ladder stands, lock-on's or tripods, Family Tradition has a model that will get the job done year after year in perfect comfort and safety. No, they aren’t the cheapest stands out there; they are, as Jeff said, simply the BEST! And, all of us on The Bucks of Tecomate are proud to claim Family Tradition as our treestand of choice!” 

David Morris – Co-Host of The Bucks of Tecomate

Debbie Morris


"I have always known that Family Tradition made an incredible ladder stand, recently I found out they make the best lock-on’s on the market.  That’s coming from a guy that hangs an average of seventy stands a year!"

Thanks Family Tradition, 


Glenn Garner

Land Manager for Jeff Foxworthy


Mali Vujanic with bucks  harvested out of our stands while filming for Quality Whitetails TV!


I know we spoke briefly today over the phone but I wanted to shoot you an email as a follow-up.

As I told you today, the HD/HO Lock-On's and HOL/20 Lock-On Ladder arrived in my warehouse today.  After
taking one of the Lock-On's out of the box I truly was impressed with the craftsmanship of these and I could not be more sincere when I say that.  When I returned home I hung one of the stands on a tree in my backyard and it confirmed my initial thoughts.  After putting the stand up, I did everything I could to get that stand to squeak, creek and come free from the tree.........and I could not get it to do any of these things.  Likewise with the HOL/20 Ladders.

Conclusion:  This is a professional, well built tree stand and ladder that is not intended for the part time hunter.  Your HD/HO Lock-On is a serious piece of equipment and until tonight I never fully realized there was such a stand and ladder on the market.  I own many hang on tree stands but nothing comes close to your HD/HO.....the demand has been met!   I look forward to spending time in your stands in the coming weeks.  Very nice!!"

Warm Regards,

Mali Vujanic
Outdoor Essentials, LLC


Glenn, Mali, T-Bone and Blaine all shot these bucks out of Family Tradition Treestands! 


"Family Tradition Treestands are by far some of the most comfortable and best built deer stands that I have ever used in my 35 years of deer hunting.  Their stands make me a better hunter because I can spend more quality time in the stand.  More quality time in the stand greatly increases my chances of harvesting that trophy-of-a-lifetime!"


Blaine Burley

Inventor of the Plotmaster

Plotmaster Systems, President



After using our stands national TV host Tom Nelson had the following to say...

"Having been a bowhunter for almost 35 years I have hunted out of most every treestand available.  As far as treestands are concerned, I have seen and used the "good, bad and ugly".  When it comes to treestands, FAMILY TRADITION TREESTANDS are the best available.  Secure, durable and dependable are just a few words that describe what you get when you purchase a treestand from FAMILY TRADITIONS.  Remember, your life hangs in the balance!"


Tom Nelson

Noted Author & Host, American Archer

The first ever all archery show on television can be seen on The Outdoor Channel



“Being over 300 pounds and afraid of heights you would think that treestand hunting and I don't mix.  Well that was true until I found and tested the Family Tradition Treestands.  Not only was it sturdy enough for me, it is also the most comfortable stand I have ever spent time in.  Simply put, this stand is quiet, rock solid, and is as comfy as your living room chair.  It certainly will become a Family Tradition in my deer camp!”  

Brock Gutierrez, Retired 10 Year NFL Offensive Lineman






Former Michigan State and NBA center Mike Peplowski stopped in to pick up some stands.  The 7 footer knows where to go when he wants to buy the best stands in the industry!

Travis "T-Bone" Turner of Realtree video fame stopped by our booth recently to tell us how much he loves using Family Tradition Treestands!  Travis has been using our stands for a decade, long before co-starring in the Bone Collector with Michael Waddell.













Travis shot this great buck in Iowa with Lee & Tiffany!


T-Bone during a photo shoot for Hunters Safety System.

Nice Stand!



We met Rock & Roller Steve Farris while exhibiting at the national QDMA convention a few years back.  He's a great guy and you'd be hard-pressed to find a more committed waterfowl hunter than Steve, he's heavily involved with DU.

Steve ended up with a couple of Family Tradition single tripods on one his Nebraska farms, looking to take his  whitetail hunting to another level.  After shooting this giant 197 6/8" buck he told us he's "now a deer-crazy nut.  I wish I could say I took him from your tremendous tripods (which I hunted every morning due to their great location for morning activity), but I actually got him in the afternoon from a ground blind."

It's all good, welcome to the Family! 



Steve just sent us this picture of a terrific Elk he shot on one of his farms in Nebraska.  Drawing the tag is once-in-a-lifetime and he shot it out of one of our tripods.


Tony Hansen joined the Family after trying our Lock-On.  Wait until he hunts out of our main line of products, the Ladder Stands.  He'll be a convert with those as well!

"I'm very serious about my hunting and I simply won't allow inferior products to hinder my success or risk my personal safety.  I've tried just about every stand on the market.  My search for that perfect treestand is over. The Family Tradition Treestands Lock-On is the best I've ever used.  It's big, stable and comfortable. The ratchet straps are the best I've ever seen used on a stand.  I trust my life and my success on it.  I will and have been recommending them to anyone and everyone that hunts."

Tony Hansen, Editor, Michigan Out-of-Doors Magazine


Claude Pollington, the "Whitetail Wizard" and owner of C.P. Oneida Eagle Bows, took a moment at the Michigan Bow Hunters Association Rendezvous to look over our line of stands for his 1,200 acre ranch.  We've been delivering stands to both his property and archery shop located in Marion, Michigan ever since!

“I just wanted to drop you guys a note to say how much I have enjoyed Family Tradition Treestands! They are the best built stands I have ever used. They are user friendly and I would recommend them to anyone!” 

Steve Gruber

Host, Deer City USA

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