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The Photo's on this page were
submitted by Family Tradition Customers


GET US YOUR PHOTOS!!! If you shot it out of our stands, big or small, we want a picture so we can all share in the success of your season!  






Jon Courtney of Courtney Archery (an FTT Dealer in Quakertown, PA) shot this bruiser out of one of our stands at Whitetail Heaven Outfitters in KY.







Joe Hall, of Hall's Nurseries & Ace Hardware (an FTT Dealer in Jacksonville, FL), shot this great buck out of one our stands in South Carolina on his lease.


  A month ago I drove up and picked up several ladder stands with Joe Brooks from Base Camp Leasing. He strongly recommended this type of stand because of safety and comfort.  Back in February of 2012 I had a bad work related accident falling 22' and breaking one heal and severely injuring the other.  This past year I found it very difficult to even climb extension ladders comfortably, feeling the same feeling I experienced as I slipped off an icy ladder rung in my accident.  I struggled every time I hunted this past year as I climbed my strap on ladders and trying to enter the stand was almost unbearable.  I cringed going up, entering and exiting the stand, making the one thing I enjoy more than anything almost imposable. Now the good part!  This past weekend I set my three 14' ladder stands.  As we finished my first stand and it was secured as the directions show, I sat up there and wanted to cry. I felt so safe! Easy in, easy out.   I will be changing all my stands over this next year for not only my safety, but my son and daughter's as well.   Thanks for an excellent product, simple, easy to install and so darn safe. I can once again go hunting and not have panic attacks thinking about getting in and out the stand.

Jay Mauter

Toledo, OH            



Here's the buck I got from the hang on stand I purchased from you. I was able to sit 5.5 hours till this one came by. Its not huge by anyway but it will taste great. I really enjoy hunting from the hang on stand. It is nice and roomy and the big seat helps me sit longer then any of my other stands with my back problems. I would like to purchase more stands as money permits and replace most of all my other stands.

 Dean Parsons


My name is Ethan Manning. My wife Denise said you were an awesome person to deal with and I wanted to personally show you what your stand did for me. I was able to sit in the rain comfortably for many hours before this buck came out. The hang on stand is AWESOME!!! I have never felt so safe and secure in a stand. The standing platform is huge perfect for those shots that you have to lean over to take. The stand is very easy to set up.  Thank you Family Traditions for making this deer possible as I would not have been able to sit as long as I was in ANY of my other stands. You have my recommendation on this product.

Thank you,

Ethan Manning

Albany, NY




Dave Smith, our Eastern Sales Rep., has been practicing management for years at his Pennsylvania hunting camp.  It's been a while since he laid eyes on a buck he wanted while actually hunting.  Last season he connected on a terrific 10 pointer, congratulations Dave!


I shot this buck out of a Family Tradition double ladder stand in Lumpkin, GA.

We have 1 double tripod, 2 double ladders, and 5 single ladders. I tell people all the time; I would rather sit in a “comfortable stand” (family tradition) in a bad spot, (meaning no confidence in deer being there), than sit in an “uncomfortable stand” in a good spot (knowing there are deer there). 


Lance Gunter

Lakeland, FL




Hi Jack:


Well after sitting 1.5 weeks straight in my new HD/HO Lock-ons and HOL/20 ladders I finally saw a shooter. Just want to thank you for offering such a safe and comfortable quality piece of equipment.  I will be purchasing more to replace those uncomfortable competitors stands this spring.  Nice to not have a sore back like I get after hunting in inferior stands for any length of time.


Sorry about the Summit climber in the background...been hanging there all season because I enjoy my Family Traditions stands so much!


Hope your season is going well.


Best regards,


Todd Hudson 

La Porte, IN




      Kevin and I really enjoyed your stands and we wanted to show you the results of a recent trip to Indiana.  Anyway, thank you for great products like the BRR12 and the LD14. I have attached a picture with Greg Nivens, myself and Kevin Norris with Indiana white-tail buck harvests using Family Traditions Treestands. 

Happy Holidays,

David Gore

Kevin Norris





Jeff Turner, one of my brothers, with a fat doe taken from one of our stands!  Way to keep that Family Tradition going bro!







  Just sending an email to let y'all know how good of a stand Family Tradition makes. I purchased my second lock on from y'all and I am really satisfied. I do most of my hunting as a traditional archer. Since I am using a wooden bow and arrows I always stand to shoot. Your stands have an awesome platform for just that. You can stand with no noise and feel comfortable no matter how you turn or stand in the stand. It does not move. Thanks for a great AMERICAN product.

John Pitts

Flora, MS

Firehouse Moustache Wax (Firehouse makes great bowstring wax as well!)
Muddy Waters Bow String Wax                                          



David Owens


DK Flatwoods Camo


David with a giant taken from an LD14!








Last year I picked up one of your hang on stands. It was my 1st year to hunt out of a stand and let me say it was a pleasure to use your stand. Rock solid, a breeze to set up and made in the USA...what more could you ask for! 

My brother and I hunted hard during the Illinois Shotgun season but didn't see many deer. As it was getting late in the season, I saw a nice doe which was lasered at 140 yards. One shot with my Benelli Nova knocked the doe down, dead in her tracks. Attached is a picture. No antlers but meat in the freezer.  

The only mistake I made last year is I didn't get one of your 20' ladders!


Matt Westendorff






Hello Family Tradition Treestands, 

Wanting to share a nice photo of a buck I shot using your great ladder stand. Boy is it Nice!! Nothing better to me!

Norm Eggleston 

Streator, IL










I hunted on one of your stands last year at the Pako Plantation in Alabama and fell in love.  I can stay still for much longer due to the comfort of your stands.  This year I ordered a HD/HO Lock-on it doesn't compare to the rest.  I have also put friends in it and can’t get them out.  This stand is “PERFECT” for bow hunters!  Hopefully next year I will be able to order 2-3 more and hunt just out of your stands!  Just wanted to tell you what a great product you have and to keep up the good work!
Jeremy Dugas
Youngsville, LA








14 year old Alissa Bunker and family came in and bought a double tripod a few years back.  We couldn't be more proud that she shot her first deer, let alone a buck, out of one of our stands!  Congratulations on getting this 141# 6 point Alissa, and welcome to the Family!


P.S....nice hat!




We needed some "doe management" on our property in '07 and I had already shot a few bucks.  Since my wife and I can only eat two deer a year we needed someone else to fill their freezer.  My nephew, Josh Turner, was more than happy to oblige taking this fine doe out of a DD14 at 15 yards. 







Family Tradition Treestands owner Jack Turner was lucky enough to draw a coveted 2008 Elk tag (cow) here in Michigan.  We're such a small company that no phone calls or emails were being returned while he was away so he shot the first cow he saw after 2 days of scouting and 2 days of hunting.  It might have been a bit on the small side but it's darn tasty...and he was able to make it back to work the same week and get back with all the customers who had contacted us.  Is that dedication to work or simply stupidity?





 Jack Turner with his first bucks (8 pointers) taken from the property where he and his wife Jenny live.  It took four years of passing up smaller bucks and taking does before he saw these deer.  He took the one on the left first then went out to take a doe the next morning and got the larger buck instead!  Notice the LD360 in the picture?




Mathew is the son of our Eastern Sales Rep, Dave Smith.  He's had a good year in Family Tradition stands taking two does, a fox and most recently this big ol' buck!










Ron Rockwell of Cutting Edge Products, a dealer of ours in Colorado, shot this nice Antelope out of a DBL-TRI with homemade camo!








We laughed and laughed after receiving this photo from jokester Eric Kuehne!






This past weekend was the MN archery season opener. I wanted to say thank you for such a great product. I sat in one of your ladder stands (LD14) on my first night out and harvested a respectable main frame 8 pointer. The stand is comfortable, quiet and very sturdy. I told you if I captured the hunt on film I'd send you a copy. Well, things happened too fast to capture the shot on film, so I attached a couple photo's.

Thanks for such a great American Made product. 

Eric Kuehne

Little Falls, MN



Matt & Theresa Miller have been practicing QDM on their Mid-Michigan property for several years now.  Looks like it's paying off!


Here is the picture of one of the bucks shot last year using your Family Tradition Treestand.  The unique thing about your stand is the comfort that allows you to stay extended periods during the hunt.  While bow hunting last year a sow (black bear) and two cubs came out to feed, unfortunately for me they stayed an additional two plus hours feeding. After a while the sow decided that the itch on her back would best be soothed by rubbing on my ladder stand, which she did…good thing for me it's well built!  

Thank you again, 

Steve Altobelli

Iron Mountain, Michigan


As an engineer, I first look at how things are built. Family Tradition Treestands are well engineered to provide a safe and sturdy hunting platform.  As a hunter I am impressed with how quiet, roomy, and comfortable they are.  With a lot of stands you can’t sit still because your butt gets sore. With the comfortable seat on a Family Tradition stand you can sit still all day. To put frosting on the cake, the company is owned and operated by a great SCI family!


Jim Leonard

SCI Region 20 Representative

Founding President, Lansing, MI Chapter

Superintendent of Manufacturing Engineering, GM, Retired



Me and my father, Royce McLeod, own five LD-14 Family Tradition Treestands and have for several years. These are durable, quiet, comfortable treestands that will give many years of trouble free use. I would not think twice about buying a sixth when another ladder stand is needed as I feel they are far better than any other ladder stands I have tried. 


Damon McLeod




This is a nice nine point I shot 4 years ago from the 14 foot ladder stand in September in Polk county Florida. Your stands are so comfortable that I was able to stay in the stand all day.  The day I shot this deer I got in my stand about an hour before day light.  This was the first time sitting in it so I decided to stay all day.  A half-hour before dark this nine point came out giving me a broadside shot at 14 yards.  In some other stands I have this would not have possible because they make you uncomfortable after 3 or 4 hours. I strongly recommend your stands to anybody that wants total comfort all day. Over the past 5 years hunting out of my ladder stand I have shot 7 nice bucks with the gun rail in place.  The gun rail acts like my bow holder and back pack attaches to the gun rail also. I put camo skirting all the way around my platform allowing me some freedom of movement.  





I had back surgery on October 12, 2007, slipped disk; after a couple weeks of doing nothing I inquired from the doctor if I could climb a tree stand to hunt the rut, (Peak time in Ohio). He told me only if I was on the ground. I then began to tell him about the DD14 tree stands just purchased from Family Traditions Treestands and he gave me the ok to hunt.

On Saturday morning November 3, 2007 I made my way to one of my DD14 tree stands, it was 6:30 a.m. As I mentioned earlier I had just had back surgery and I was concerned about being comfortable and warm while in the tree.

The tree stand was so comfortable I was able to sit just over ten hours with no problems to my back,  I was able to bring a full back pack with food and drink, a pillow and blanket for comfort/warmth while not compromising any room to move, stretch and draw my bow.  At 4:00 pm I had a doe come running down through some thickets and stop 15 yards in front of my stand, within seconds 6 bucks came running out of the thickets with this main beam eight stopping 28 yards in front of the stand, with a quick study of the dear I drew back and was fortunate enough to have a perfect shot. What a great hunt, because of this I have purchased another DD14. 

Thank you for a great product. 

Ron Pasic





Robbie Sifford, owner of Solo Archery in Georgia, shot this monster in Illinois out of an LD14.






T-Bone shot this huge buck out of a Double Tripod in Alabama.







We got our two person tripod made by Family Tradition the afternoon before Thanksgiving 2006.  My husband and his brother easily assembled it in less than two hours.  It was a piece of cake!  The swivel seats are quiet, convenient and comfortable.  The railing provided a solid rest for me to make my killing shot of 120 yards on this nice eight point buck the following morning.  Being high up in the tripod with the 360 degree viewing made seeing this trophy possible where two days earlier hunting off the ground the visibility was limited at best.

What I also liked about this stand is when I climbed up the ladder it felt very solid and steady which made me feel safe.  We would recommend this tripod to anyone who is looking for a quality hunting stand that is safe, quiet and comfortable.

Marcie & Steve Montgomery


My name is Brent Jenkins. I am a wildlife manager and Realtor in Georgia. I just wanted to send you guys a thank you for such great deer stands. I am so impressed with the quality of your products. The stands are portable, comfortable and most importantly they are very well built. I will never purchase another stand, unless it is a Family Tradition.  Attached are some photos of some of the bucks I have harvested from Family Tradition stands.

 Thanks and keep up the great work!! 

  Brent Thomas Jenkins                                                                                                Dr. Tommy Jenkins


Becky Lancaster



Lee Lancaster




Rick Kaigler


Dale Lancaster


Brian Wood of Kentucky got this nice buck recently out of a DD14. “It was the most comfortable stand that I have ever sat in! I liked the double because there was plenty of room to put my backpack and not have to hang hooks. I’m excited to go back and take one of my sons hunting later in the year!”
 Tal Novak shot this nice 7 point near Baldwin, Michigan.
New Page 1

Hey Jack!!

Just had to write & send pics.  We got our stands (2- LD14's) at the show in Rogers, OH.  We drove almost 2 hours but boy are they worth it.  Can't talk enough about the stands-THEY ARE GREAT!!!

On Nov. 27th, the first day of Ohio's gun season, I shot an 8 point at 9:30 A.M. out of my stand.  My stepson, Jeff Funk, sat all day in the other and shot a 9 point at 4:30 P.M.

The #1 feature of the stand is comfort!  What we also like is the ease to put up, roominess, ease to climb and how well built they are!  Boy what a great stand!

Thanks for making a great stand!

Terry Lake, Freepot, OH





Clayton Frame, 7 years old, killed this 160 class buck at Pine Ridge Hunting Plantation in Georgia. A monster buck shot out of a Family Tradition Tripod!

A proud father, David Booker, shows off a couple of Boar along with son Jonathan and friend Jamie Russell. What's that in the background?

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