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First we must state that a lot of what you see out there on the open market has been pioneered by us

Quality, Comfort, Durability

        We at Family Tradition Treestands honor and respect the guiding principles that have been at the heart of our success.  We are in business to make the best line of treestands on the market.  We deal fairly and honestly with our Dealers, Suppliers and our Customers.  We buy our supplies and manufacture our stands where we live and hunt - right here in the USA.  Finally and perhaps most important we want to make sure your hunting experience is positive.  Quality, Comfort and Durability in the Woods are what you will think of when you recall your hunts with a Family Tradition Treestand.  

        Our founder and Chief Product Designer, Damon Furlong was the pioneer of many ideas you see out there on the open market.  Our recent expansion into the Midwest has been made possible by the commitment and loyalty of our customers in the South.  Being a small company we haven’t gotten much recognition in the past. That is all changing thanks to you our customers. We are now going national with our product line. Just thought we would say thanks! This has happened because of you! 

Family Tradition Tree Stands - Manufacturing Excellence

  • The durable powder coat finish on Family Tradition Tree Stands is baked on under very high heat 
  • Our ladder stands are built from 100% welded designs.  When delivered you receive a completely assembled  top section and two ladder sections.  This adds unequaled strength and rigidity to our tree stands
  • We were the first in the industry to implement condensation drain holes on all of our pipe
  • We sandblast all of our welds to assure maximum adhesion of the powder coat finish.
  • All of our stands are quality checked 4 times before leaving the factory
  • Our platforms designs are either supported by or rest on welded galvanized steel steel pipe.  We do not use cables for hunter support in any of our product designs. 
  • Our hang-on stand incorporates heavy duty chain enclosed in a rubber sleeve  to support the standing platform 
  • We use a rough powder finish for added grip for your shoes or boots
  • Our tri-pod stands are built with  pre-assembled  and welded platforms for unequaled rigidity and weight to strength ratio. 

Design and Engineering Innovation

  • Our designs result in extremely strong and rigid structures.  We use a special engineered system we call Radius Flow Technology™.  “RFT” allows Family Tradition Treestands™ unequaled rigidity at a very low weight to strength ratio in addition to maximum strength at critical stress points
  • Beginning in 1992 we were the first to use a double rail system on our ladder stands
  • We have incorporated into each stand our industry exclusive Ergonomically designed webbed seat. You will not need foam cushions or pads with a Family Tradition Stand.  Our seats are designed to take the load off your back, hips and legs resulting in less fatigue and much more comfort as you wait for the big Bucks to pass by your stand.
  • All of our seating is made from hand stretched heavy duty nylon (first of its kind in the industry)  About the only things we've heard of that have damaged our webbing are accidental exposure to fire and in a couple cases an animal gnawed through the webbing.  We do sell replacement webbing kits in the event your seat is damaged
  • Our seating is exclusive to our designs and is unequaled in fit & comfort
  • Our stands require no cushions the seats are actually self conforming
  • All of our stands incorporate extra reinforcement and bracing all the way around. Some experts who have evaluated our stands have said that we over engineer our products (and thats a good thing we assure you!)
  • Our hang-on stand was the first in the industry to use a pivot stop™ seat
  • Comparatively speaking our tri-pods are the lightest on the market
  • We were the first in the industry to make a round tri-pod

Treestands Designed and Built by Hunters

  • Our ladder stands come with a gun rest included, The Rifle Rest is encased by the highest quality foam padding available on the market
  • Our ultra rigid ladder stands do not require horizontal bracing rods against the tree for support.  You can set up to hunt in a fraction of the time needed with other stands without sacrificing safety.  
  • One of our sayings at Family Tradition is “If we can’t make a stand and put our kids in it to hunt by themselves we will not come to market with that product”  Our families hunt in the Tree Stands we design and build.
  • Our stands are completely original designs that came to life after years of hunting experience and exposure to every environment that hunters will encounter using our products.
  • We believe that when young people are given responsible and safe exposure to outdoor sports such as hunting and fishing that lifelong memories are formed and a greater respect for God's creation is instilled in our children.  Make Family Tradition Tree Stands part of your family's hunting legacy
double seat ladder tree stand model DD13 side view

 The best stand for your Buck!
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