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"I purchased one of your treestands at the Woods and Waters show in Imlay City, MI last Sept. I put it to work in the U.P. a few weeks later on a bowhunting trip. I've been bowhunting since 1974. Your treestand is the most comfortable elevated stand of ANY type I have EVER sat in. It would not surprise me if another one of your products doesn't end up at my house this season. Thanks for making such a good product (made in the USA). As an Army veteran, I appreciate that."

              Tom Rentz-  MI


"I have to tell you the quality of Family Traditions is excellent!   I will share my story of our Family Traditions double tripod.

I inherited the stand from a buddy and the stand is over 8 years old, the platform and seats were in a lake being used for a duck blind for the last 8 years, at times completely under water.  I had no idea it was part of a tripod until I got on the internet looking for a double seat tripod and recognized my duck blind on your website.  I remembered seeing a bunch of legs, ladder and cross posts stored underneath a trailer and I quickly gathered them all up hoping they were the parts for the tripod. We pulled the platform and seats out of the lake this season to set up on the tripod and it is in great condition.  Talk about quality, it is amazing the platform is not rusted and the seat webbing is still in good condition.  


My oldest Son Ian won one of your fixed stands for shooting the 2nd largest Florida buck with a bow last year (see Florida buck registry) and the quality of his fixed stand appears outstanding. He hunts out of it regularly and loves his Family Traditions fixed stand.  I cannot wait to get my double tripod completed and set up.

Thanks for all your help and we will continue to spread the word about the quality of Family Traditions."


                Kit Whitehurst-  Merritt Island, FL


"I was asked why I was spending $$ on your Tripods and Ladderstands, and my standard answer is, I have had a tripod for 7 years now, in the same location.  It looks just as good as the day I put it there, always in the weather, hot and cold Georgia climate, and it looks just as good today as it did then, and that is the reason.  All the others I have tried are rusting, noisy, etc. after a couple of years. 


             Steve Tyson-  Lakeland, FL



"Wanted to give you a little feedback on the HOL/20 ladders I got for Carter's Hunting Lodge.
All in all, they're a great product.  EVERYONE was really impressed with them.  We liked the width (2-3 inches wider than the ones we use), they're extremely portable and light, yet also pretty tuff.  But the number one attribute we all liked was the ratchet strap that came with each section.  Those ratchet straps REALLY add value and make the sections SUPER secure while installing and easy.


All the best,"
Tim Krukas-  Carter's Hunting Lodge, IL


"To whom may concern,

I have been a long time customer of Family Tradition Tree stands buying first the LD14 and then DD14 deer stands in the 1990's.    Since then I have bought several others and tell everyone at every chance I get how good they are.   "Which I have to say that your stands are the most comfortable stands that I ever have used -- ANYWHERE!".     Your stand allows me to stay and sit longer in the woods which in return has given me several more opportunities to see and harvest several more deer.   I know... that I would never had otherwise had that chance in some other stand.  For that.... I say thanks and keep up the great design and work!"
Jerry French, GA


"As owners and operators of the largest hunting operation in the south we would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation of the Family Tradition Treestands product line.   

We use Family Tradition Treestands on all our hunts with clients from all over the world from Exotics to Alligators.  These stands are by far the Best in the industry.   We have tried them all over the past twenty years and there is nothing better for our company and our hundreds of clients. 

Thank you Family Tradition Treestands for building the safest and most reliable hunting stand in the whole USA.                                                                                                                 

God Bless You, and as always, “Happy Hunting!” 

            Danny & Carla SantAngelo, Brady Ranch. FL



"With more than 1 million acres under management in 13 states, and over 170 years of combined experience, Westervelt Wildlife Services is recognized as the leading source for wildlife consultation, hunting lease management, and recreational property development.  So, when it comes time to decide on what products to use on our own properties or provide a recommendation to a client, only the best will do.  That's why Westervelt Wildlife Services recommends Family Tradition Treestands.  Their attention to quality and superb customer service is second to none." 


Jordan Smith
Wildlife Biologist / Lease Manager
Westervelt Wildlife Services



"I must say that the stand I picked up at one of your dealers was the best stand I have ever used.  I have about 10 stands in the woods I own, but this stand rocks, it beats all of them. Also, my grandson who hunted for his first time took his first deer on his first time out sitting next to me in your double wide.  Keep up the good work and thank you!"

              Ed Milillo Sr.



"Late October I purchased one of your treestands from the Country Smokehouse, at which time they were getting another delivery from your warehouse.  The man I talked to told me to give him feedback on the ladder stand.  

I've been bow hunting since 1974 and without a doubt your stand is the most comfortable stand I've sat in.  There is plenty of room and the feeling of sitting up a treestand without your back hitting the bark of the tree was very enjoyable.  The stand is a bit heavy, but I credit that to the construction.  This is the treestand for us ex-large hunters.  

Over all, your product is the best in its class.


             Raymond Walters-  Utica, MI


"Yours was the first treestand I have ever owned and I guarantee there will be no other. 
Having recently become a bow hunter I now enjoy a sport that is enjoyed by millions everywhere. 


Recently I was asked to hunt with a friend who is a self professed "budget hunter." He placed me in his $49.00 department store treestand for the hunt. Now before I go on, I understand working hard for little reward and making exceptions when it comes to luxuries. With that being said, I also value my life and safety more than the average. So on a windy October day in his treestand, I felt like I was sitting on a flagpole whipping in the wind. Uncomfortable is an understatement. I'm a pretty big guy and a wimpy treestand is just not going to cut it.

So when I get the chance I sing the praises of Family Tradition Treestands. Thanks to you and your family for keeping me and my family safe with top quality, MADE IN MICHIGAN products!"
           Duran Martinez-  Host, AM Outdoors- Lansing, MI







   “I absolutely enjoy your products and have sparked a revolution here in Atlanta.  Every time I invited a father and son or daughter on a hunt on my property they fell in love with the DD14 and its quality, safety minded construction.  I am a retired Army Bomb Disposal Technician and take great pride in our freedom to hunt and fish in a free country.  I want your family to know that it is so much more enjoyable in the DD14 especially when I take some of my former soldiers that have lost limbs or are mobility impaired up there.  We share stories (good and bad) but never complain about comfort.  I plan on purchasing two more of the DD14’s this year both with your 41 inch extensions.  As much joy as I have had with just owning one I can only imagine the memories created with three.  Thank you again and God Bless your Family and your wonderful business.”

            SFC G. Stair (EOD/RET)- Locust Grove, GA


   "Hello, used my LD 14 with extension yesterday for the first time hunting bear and I have to tell you it is the most comfortable and stabilized ladder stand that I have ever hunted from. Spent eleven hours and was in total comfort the whole time.  I would like to purchase my second stand as soon as possible! Sincerely,"
Steve Altobelli- Michigan's Upper Penninsula


     "I just want you to know that I got the two ladder stands put together and my son, Travis, and I got them to our spots in the woods up north and Travis successfully climbed into his stand and sat in it.  This was quite an accomplishment--the first time since his accident that he was able to climb into something other than his hunting tower with a stairway that we had built for him a few years ago.  Travis' walking ability was affected due to the auto accident he was in years ago and climbing is certainly more difficult for him.  You recall that I was wondering if your stand was one that he would be able to climb into.  It worked.  So...this is a first and just one more step in his recovery and feeling of independence.  Now if he can just shoot a deer out of it, you'll hear about it! Thanks,"
Jim Zinger- Grand Rapids, MI


   "As a dad it was great to be sitting with my son Matthew when he harvested his first deer. Smiling, shaking, covered with excitement describes Matthew after harvesting his first deer (with a crossbow!), he whispered to me, "I got it dad! I got it and I think I have doe fever!" It was a day that he and I will never forget. Sitting in the Family Tradition stand together for three hours comfortably and then harvesting a deer was truly a blessing for us. A special time that we will cherish forever.
Bill and Matthew Coon - Sumter, SC


   "The Family Tradition tri-pod stand is absolutely the most comfortable deer stand I have ever sit in. Not only was it easy to put together, it only took two of us to stand it up. It is the best deer stand that I have ever had. Thanks"
            Terry Todd,  Outdoor Editor -  Georgia's Outdoor Adventures


    "It may be a cliché', but my Family Traditions ladder stand really is the Cadillac of hunting stands in terms of personal comfort and safety. It only costs a little more to go first class, but my Family Traditions stand was definitely worth the investment for the added personal comfort, safety, and product durability. When hunting from any treestand, what price do you put on safety and comfort? Bar none my Family Tradition ladder stand is the most versatile, comfortable, and safety oriented stand on the market today!"
Dr. John J. Woods,  World-Renowned Outdoor Writer and Hunting Equipment Expert


    "The first time I sat in a Family Tradition I knew I was hooked for life. I now dread the fact that I own any other stand besides my Family Tradition. These stands will definitely change the way I hunt. Matter of fact I look forward to sitting more than an hour without fidgeting. Thanks Family Tradition for making the most comfortable stand I have ever used."
Kevin Coughran,   Avid Whitetail Hunter


    "The Family Tradition DD-14, doublewide ladder stand is so comfortable and spacious, it makes hunting all day a breeze. Most importantly, it was the most sturdy ladder stand I’ve ever hunted out of. I’m 6’5", 250 lbs. and have always had to add an additional ratchet strap to all tree stands I hang to make them more sturdy. The DD-14’s three-piece ladder construction and double rail sides gives me the utmost confidence that my safety isn’t being jeopardized, and that extra ratchet strap isn’t even needed."
Dean Reagan,  Vice President of Sales - Primos Hunting Calls


   "I have been hunting for nearly 40 years and these are the best-built stands I have ever found. I own 5 DD14s and a couple of the single 14s as well.  My son Jamie has taken a very big wild boar hog, his first deer (a button) his second deer (a big seven point) and his fourth deer (a nice 6 point) all with me by his side in DD14s. He is only 9.5 but we have spent many many quality hours afield in your product. He has also spent time with his grandfather, which is extra special. I have never once been worried about the safety of the stand, and the ratchet strap being included is a very big bonus."
Bo Russell -  St. Simons Island, GA


    "Hunting has been a long tradition in my family. A newer tradition we have is hunting in comfort. Family Tradition Treestands are so comfortable, it is the only brand we like to use. The extra comfort allows us to sit longer and see more deer. These stands are not only comfortable, they are quiet and very durable. We like that it only takes one man to move these stands to a new location as the deer change their patterns throughout the season. Do yourself a favor and buy a Family Tradition Treestand, I bet it won't be your last!"
Adrian Spears  


    "Family Traditions' 18 foot tripod is perhaps the most comfortable stand I've encountered. It's an "all day" stand that lets you wait out the big boys in a stable, spacious and comfortable environment. I've got the proof hanging on the wall."
Willis Williams 


    "We just bought two of the Model DD14 stands and today was the first day of hunting season. The stands were GREAT!!. My husband has his own and my grandson and I shared the other. There was plenty of room and it was extremely comfortable. We had almost bought another brand when we found these and there was no comparison. Great Product! "
L Squiers 


    "I have your treestand model LD 14. This will be the 3rd year I have hunted from it. It is by far the best stand I have ever owned. I harvested a nice 8 point from this stand on opening day of gun season in Alabama last year. I plan on purchasing more as the need arises.
Bobby in Alabama


    "Hi there,  Just wanted to let y'all know that I really love your ladder stands. Our club purchased about 10 of the BRR12 ladders and 1 of the DD14 ladders. Your ladder stands are the most stable ladders I have ever been in. All of our ladders are 12' tall and I am trying to convince the club to purchase extensions for all the ladders before next year. I really like being up there, if you know what I mean. I am also looking into purchasing a few of your ladders for my own use. (Several of us have stands all in the woods on our lease). Anyways, just wanted to let y'all know that you are doing a great job and I look forward to seeing many more great stands being introduced by your company.
God Bless and Keep Up the Good Work!"
Sam Freeman,  Avid Whitetail Hunter


    "Hi Guys,
I have sat in a few tree stands and tri-pods in my 40 years of hunting. I must say that after buying 4 of your stands that no other stand comes close in comfort and that warm fuzzy feeling of safety that I get in your stands. Thanks for your quality and attention to details. The $40 that one saves on a lesser stand just does not stand the test when compared to your stands. Thanks."
Scott Cooper


The best stand for you Buck!

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